Unlike all other electromedical devices for instrumental physical therapy, which in general transfer energy in different ways (heat, mechanical, electric, and photonic), CMF transfers perfectly precise information packages consistent with the cell pattern to the biological tissue. The information transfer occurs by exploiting the positive characteristics of magnetic induction as a means of transport through complex multi-frequency signals and multiple harmonics (machine codes).

Ref: "C.M.F.: Complex magnetic fields as broadcasting of bioactive information” - F. Crescentini 2013 -Ed. MP&BN

The preset treatment programs and specific tissue in general have different steps that are set by following a perfectly precise sequence according to the biological plan that must be implemented.
The types of signals given off by the devices that comprise the CMF and CMF Next System—although extremely effective from a therapeutic standpoint—are very safe from an operating standpoint and have almost inexistent side effects. The very low emission frequency is in the ELF field, the magnetic flux density is measurable in micro Tesla, and it generally doesn’t take more than 30 minutes of treatment per each program.

By choosing magnetic induction over any other form of energy, you can transfer the bioactive therapeutic codes issued by the CMF and CMF Next System with a very low amount of energy without heating the tissue, without the physical limits of mechanical energy, without the risk of intolerance to the electrical currents that could damage tissue and/or cause burns, and without having the penetration depth limits of photonic energy.

You can do treatments with CMF when there are metal prostheses, through casts, and in most cases with the patient fully dressed.

The effects of the codes emitted by the CMF and CMF Next system can be very effective in the field of pain therapy through an anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and bacteriostatic effect. However, the big difference compared to other methods is the considerable regenerative power on all types of biological tissue.

One particularly important specific action exercised by CMF is the action against chronic inflammatory and oxidative states of the body on the whole. In fact, it is well-known that such conditions, especially at “low levels”, pave the way for the onset of serious diseases. The correction of these generalized chronic states of imbalance—even more dangerous since they show little to no symptoms—are a real genuine prevention against more or less acute serious diseases.

Dozens of scientific studies have shown how Multifrequency Complex Magnetic Fields at low and extremely low frequency and density can activate a series of chemical/physical signals, and thus spark that series of functions known under the umbrella term of Reparative Morphogenesis (RM).

Reparative Morphogenesis
The reparative system is comprised of three fundamental events: molecular, cell, and tissue repair.

Molecular Repair
Just like when you build a house, the first thing you have to do is repair or replace the damaged “bricks”, the first step is to activate a repair mechanism of the bricks that make up our systems, and that is, proteins.

Some proteins are capable of repairing other proteins and are called Heat Shock Proteins (HSP); it has been demonstrated that electromagnetic radiations increase the gene expression of HSPs.

Cell Repair
Moreover, by acting on the repair of the membrane proteins, the C.M.F.s can restore cell homeostasis in a much shorter time than the physiological process, re-creating the normal transmembrane potentials.

Tissue Repair
Tissue repair is the whole of molecular and cell repair as well as the mechanisms linked to the passage of intercellular information. The neo-Reparative Morphogenesis contains the information of all the constituents (bricks) to be repaired and the repair pathways; it has been shown that the C.M.F.s are capable of accelerating the enzyme kinetics in RM.

Analgesic, Anti-edematous, and Anti-Inflammatory Action
Analgesic action is due to the modulation of pain neurotransmitters with a morphine-like effect.
The anti-edematous effect is essentially linked to the regulation of the cellular and extracellular water flow.
The anti-inflammatory effect is mainly linked to the modulation of pro-inflammatory cytokines, and increase in the anti-inflammatory ones, and restoration of the Ca-ATPasi membrane activity.

Bacteriostatic Action
The antimicrobial action of the Multifrequency Complex Magnetic Fields at low and very low frequency (C.M.F.) is instead produced by inhibiting the ability to replicate.


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