By Technical Assistance we mean all the activities that are necessary when any product or instrument added to the work routine of a doctor’s office or a professional business in general breaks or has a malfunction that could compromise the characteristics of reliability and safety.

Since we are well aware of the need to create uninterrupted service for patients—who trustingly turn to a professional for this or that treatment—and feeling we are an active part of a qualitative process that can contribute to creating top satisfaction both for patients and users, we have created an after-sales Technical Assistance service over time that intervenes SPEEDILY and SKILLFULLY to solve any problems that could come up in the territory.

Moreover, in order to prevent any machine downtime and consequent inconvenience as much as possible, we follow strict construction standards for the equipment we produce, using extremely high quality technological components and we choose to sell equipment that guarantees a high quality standard both from a technical and reliability as well as ongoing operations standpoint.

Some of the instruments that are on our list have three or even five-year guarantees.

Whenever possible, in special cases and based on availability we also try to provide our customers a temporary equipment replacement service to still be able to guarantee the patient services.


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