From the combination of its founders’ 30 years of experience in “Electromedical industries for physical therapy”, “Laser Surgery”, and “Biomedical devices” in general, in 2007 M.F.I. was born. Medicina Fisica Integrata srl.

The company M.F.I. Srl originated with the aim to generate ADDED VALUE and INNOVATION in divulging Modality-based Physical Therapy, especially therapy done with the proper use of Electromagnetic Fields in both medical and clinical areas.

Since its institutionM.F.I. has been a facility for the production and distribution of biomedical equipment with advanced technology and specialization in the field of instrumental physical therapy and aesthetics, offering a broad range of services.

As early as its first year of business, a working group was created through consultancy relationships, made up of Electronic, Physics, and Medical Engineers specialized in different branches of medicine, and offers a broad range of products in the field of Physical Therapy and Motor Rehabilitation, Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Pain Therapy, Odontology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, treatment of Vascular Injuries, and Aesthetics in general. In association with the staff of Physicists, Designers, and Medical Researchers, M.F.I. Srl backs ongoing scientific research into the use of “Physical Means” for therapeutic purposes, for preparing and designing new equipment, and more and more effective methods.

This story began a long time ago, by working together with different companies.

Production started out in the 1980s in a small laboratory, also following the studies of Prof. Brandimarte, a state-of-the-art physicist, a laser physics University professor, and scholar on magnetic forces’ interaction with living matter. In those days he was the first to view the human body as an ionic conductor and to suggest classification of biological tissues in relation to Electromagnetic Fields.

The work in the biomedical field, design, and in the production of equipment for magnetotherapy went on into the 1990s, trying out new solutions after which other equipment was developed, some used successfully at various public and private facilities throughout the territory still today.

After 2000, when new regulations were issued for the Electromagnetic Compatibility of “EC” equipment, a new era began for all electronic products in the biomedical field. Manufacturing processes were placed under monitoring, from the basic concept to the design and engineering, taking into account the selection of parts for construction to guarantee reliability and traceability and placing particular emphasis on the entire process which is centered around the patient as the end-user of the services. That same decade “Quality systems” were also introduced, which take into account all the corporate processes for the purpose of guaranteeing their standardization and continuous improvement.

The professional figures necessary to face these changes and adapt to the new requirements are trained in-company, and we implement our own in-company Corporate Quality Service.

In fact, in 2004 the partnership with Dr. Francesco Crescentini began, together with the research group he directs. This partnership made it possible to delve into little-known topics, at least up until now, or entirely new ones, and to carry this knowledge over into the design of new devices. All this according to the guidelines of European regulations, thus becoming real genuine cultural innovation in the field of Physical Medicine.

For this purpose, agreements are set up with professionals, companies, and test and measurement labs with the aim of following the current regulations and guaranteeing ever more advanced technology in production.

In the years 2005 and 2006, following research into Molecular Biology and the Biophysics of cellular information and delving into studies on the interaction of complex electromagnetic fields with biological structures, the idea of developing equipment for different branches of medicine took shape—the current C.M.F. line.

The next step was to study and fine-tune at least three different equipment models in order to meet the most requirements: one for odontology, one for pain therapy, and one for regenerative medicine.

That is how the project was born from which the C.M.F. line then sprang in its different versions and models.

At the same time, with different scientific groups also under Dr. Crescentini, clinical results and data were gathered to support the new methods available with state-of-the-art machines and the really outstanding results achieved ensured us that we had done something truly unique in the world of physical therapy.

We got a hunch from these and other considerations: with this type of signals and this type of equipment, you’re not just transferring energy in the form of magnetic induction (like in your typical magnetotherapy), but you are using magnetic induction to transfer consistent information to cells, thus creating a real genuine dialogue with the cellular system.

One of the company’s goals was, and still is, to be able to contribute, through technological support, to the creation of training programs in the biomedical field with the aim to divulge the culture of physical medicine to physicians, and more in general to all workers in the clinical field.

Also after having prepared an international conference, the valuable partnership with Dr. Alessandro Cipollina and Dr. Massimo Corigliano was born, who we presented CMF with on the international scene in the following years, both at the IADR conference in Toronto in 2008 and Barcelona in 2010.


In the years 2010 and 2011 a new device in the C.M.F. line was made, the C.M.F. ORTHO, completely dedicated to orthopedics and still around today—according to industry workers, the biggest new thing in the past few years.

Moreover, in 2011, with the Senate of the Republic we developed the plan for creating an Agency for Informational Biophysics. A plan that would never see the light of day due to the change in government back then, but it remains one of the most important company objectives, with the involvement of one of the major Italian universities.

Right after that, we completed the design for the S.M.I. Smart Multifrequency Inductor system, a device specially designed for regenerative medicine which in its two versions (SMI Simplex and SMI Card) is an innovation for residential and home treatment of different diseases, in the fields of Odontology and Orthopedics as well as Physical Therapy.

In those same years the process of company ISO 9001:2008 certification and EC certification of the CMF line according to European regulations was completed, bringing all production into the company.

In the years 2016 and 2017 MFI was chosen as one of the 100 Outstanding Italian Entities.

By making various distribution agreements with leading companies in the biomedical industry, M.F.I. SRL currently offers a broad range of products, about 54 instruments divided up into the four sectors of reference:

  • Odontology
  • Aesthetic Medicine, Dermatology, and Vascular Surgery
  • Physical Therapy, Rehabilitative Medicine, and Sports Medicine
  • Aesthetics

To date, M.F.I. SRL distributes to some of the best electromedical companies in the field of Laser Aesthetics and Odontology, like Lasering and Planck. Plus, it currently participates in national and international conferences held in the different branches of medicine it deals in.

All the activities are carried out with the objective of meeting the required requisites, not to mention constantly seeking maximum customer satisfaction.

To this regard, M.F.I. SRL places paramount importance on the knowledge of its sales partners and the entire staff in general; that’s why for some time now it has begun a project of expansion of its headcount through partnerships with biomedical engineers and/or highly qualified personnel. Both directly and through all qualified distributors, MFI SRL operates throughout the nation, as well as in some foreign countries.

In the past few years, most of the business has been geared towards the CMF Project.

The project was entirely reviewed taking into account the opportunities that new technology offers, the user interface was completely revamped to make it more compatible with the new demands of the progressive operator, the therapy options have been expanded, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the devices improved.

The year 2019 was an important year that witnessed the birth of the CMF Next line, which following in the footsteps of the CMF line’s equipment, forges on to new milestones with more and more advanced interactivity; the chance to have a flexible equipment network both in terms of devices connected and programs available, which can be purchased or even just rented for temporary needs.

In its different versions, the CMF Next line is looking more and more to the Medicine of the Future, holding fast to the results achieved up until now.

Today, the C.M.F. line features various models, each dedicated to a certain branch of specialization: C.M.F. SPORT SYS - C.M.F. HT - C.M.F. SLIM - C.M.F. OPHT and the CMF Next line made up of three models NEXT, NEXT FOR YOU Professional, and NEXT SX, brand-new to meet the demands of an ever broader audience.

Great experience in the different goods sectors dealt in, a close partnership with highly qualified personnel, and the broad range of products are capable of meeting all customer demands, both from a technical/scientific standpoint and from an economic and business standpoint. In association with the major finance companies in the industry, we offer our customers personalized quotes on different equipment both for purchase and for lease, as well as for long-term rental.

Today, M.F.I. SRL is thus an established company in the diversified panorama of production, sales, and distribution of electromedical equipment, and above all is a leading company in the informational physical medicine industry.
At our offices in via deli Aldobrandeschi, 47a in Rome, you’ll be greeted not just with a well-equipped showroom, but also a warm welcome from our staff.


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