In 2004 the partnership with Dr. Francesco Crescentini began, together with the research group he used to direct. This partnership made it possible to delve into little-known topics, at least up until then, or entirely new ones, and to carry this knowledge over into the design of new devices. All this according to the guidelines of European regulations, thus becoming real genuine cultural innovation in the field of Physical Medicine.

In the years 2005 and 2006, after delving into studies on the interaction of complex electromagnetic fields with biological structures, the idea of developing equipment for different branches of medicine took shape, i.e. the current C.M.F. line.

The next step was to study and fine-tune at least three different equipment models in order to meet the of most requirements: one for Odontology, one for pain therapy, and one for Regenerative Medicine.

That is how the project was born, from which the C.M.F. line then sprang in its different versions and models.

Simultaneously, with different scientific groups under Dr. Crescentini, clinical results and data were gathered to support the new methods available with state-of-the-art machines and the really outstanding results achieved ensured us that we had done something truly unique in the world of physical therapy.

From these and other considerations a hunch came: with this type of signals and this type of equipment, you’re not just transferring energy in the form of magnetic induction (like in typical magnetotherapy), but you are using magnetic induction to transfer consistent information to cells, thus creating a real genuine dialogue with the cellular system.

In the years that followed, other equipment was developed to complete a range that could meet the majority of the requirements of different branches of specialization.

In the past few years, the project was entirely reviewed taking into account the opportunities that new technology offers, the user interface was completely revamped to make it accommodating to the new demands of the progressive operator, the therapy options have been expanded, and the efficiency and effectiveness of the devices improved.

The year 2019 was an important year that witnessed the birth of CMF Next which, following in the footsteps of the CMF line’s equipment, forges on to new milestones with more and more advanced interactivity, the chance to have a flexible equipment network both in terms of devices connected and programs available, which can be purchased or even just rented for temporary needs.

In its different versions, the CMF Next line is looking more and more to the medicine of the future, holding fast to the results achieved up until now.

Today, the C.M.F. line features various models, each dedicated to a certain branch of specialization: C.M.F. SPORT SYS - C.M.F. - C.M.F. ORTHO - C.M.F. BEAUTY - C.M.F. SLIM - C.M.F. OPHTHALMOLOGY and the CMF Next line, three entirely new models: Next, Next for You Professional, and Next SX to meet the demands of an ever broader audience.


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