• Absolutely athermic waves
  • No side effects
  • Equipped with three outputs that can be used at the same time
  • Management of simple, direct protocols
  • Option to upgrade the programs in function of the professional’s needs
  • Option to rent or purchase new programs directly through the app on cell phones
  • Control by Bluetooth
  • Also usable with metal prostheses or casts
  • Compact and easy to carry

CMF Technology: based on the most modern, well-known Molecular Biology studies


Dozens of scientific works have shown how Multifrequency Complex Magnetic Fields at low and extremely low frequency and intensity can activate a series of chemical/physical signals, and thus spark a series of functions known under the umbrella term of Reparative Morphogenesis (RM). This repair system is comprised of three fundamental events: molecular, cellular, and tissue repair.


Just like when you build a house, the first thing you have to do is to repair or replace the damaged “bricks”, in biology the first step is to activate a repair mechanism of the bricks that make up our systems, and that is, proteins. Some proteins are capable of repairing other proteins and are called Heat Shock Proteins (HSP); it has been demonstrated that electromagnetic radiation increases gene expression(1) of HSPs, and it is this very process that’s at the base of the CMF® NEXT regeneration programs..


By acting on the repair of the membrane proteins, the Complex Magnetic Fields can restore cell homeostasis in a much shorter time than the physiological process, re-creating the normal transmembrane potentials.

(1) “The Epistemological Bases of the Biological Information System” (F. Crescentini)


Tissue repair is the whole of molecular and cell repair as well as the mechanisms linked to the passage of intercellular information. The neo-Reparative Morphogenesis contains the information of all the constituents (bricks) to be repaired and the repair pathways; in fact, it has been shown that Complex Magnetic Fields are capable of accelerating the enzyme kinetics in Reparative Morphogenesis, considerably cutting the time for regeneration.

Some other really important effects of the Complex Magnetic Fields’ action are: the analgesic, anti-edematous, anti-inflammatory, and bacteriostatic effects.

The analgesic action is due to pain modulation my neurotransmitters with a morphine-like effect, decreasing pain by 50-70% in just 2/3 sessions.

The anti-edematous effect is essentially linked to the regulation of the cellular and extracellular water flow by acting specifically on the acquaporins; the anti-inflammatory effect linked to modulation of the pro-inflammatory cytokines, increase in the anti-inflammatory ones, and restoration of the Ca-ATPase membrane activity; instead, the antibacterial action is produced by inhibiting the colonies’ ability to replicate.

A modular, extendable system that caters to the operator’s needs

CMF Next basic configuration programs:

  • anti-edematous
  • anti-inflammatory
  • bone regeneration
  • musculoskeletal pain
  • antibacterial
  • anti-oxidative stress

The basic configuration can evolve and expand modularly depending on how the user’s requirements and needs change; in fact, you can buy additional packages later on, or even rent them for brief stints as well.


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