An innovative device that combats the signs of ageing from within.

C.M.F. BEAUTY can interact with our overall biological system, slowing down degenerative processes and stimulating the restoration of the essential cell functions. Moreover, it fights the accumulation of free radicals and raises our immune system’s defenses.

For the first time, a therapeutic approach that tackles the aesthetic problem holistically—cures the causes, not just the symptoms.

Based on the most modern and well-known molecular biology studies, C.M.F. technology plays an important role in the regulation of all homeostatic functions, without which any local treatment could be partial and not very helpful, but above all, unstable over time.

In fact, an additional, more revolutionary approach to solving cosmetic defects linked to aging isn’t just their elimination, but also an effective prevention combined with stabilization of the results.

C.M.F. technology can fight the main causes of aging by restoring cellular homeostasis.

All this is done by abating the oxidative stress that took place, eliminating the accumulation of free radicals (today known as the main cause of aging), and raising the immune system’s defenses.

Plus, the use of C.M.F. BEAUTY in synergy with the VENUS Line we distribute lets you create a winning therapeutic system that effectively contrasts the cosmetic defects.

Machine programs:

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- Metabolic
- Cellulite
- Densification of connective tissue
- General drainage
- Anti-aging
- Anti-inflammatory
- Oxidative stress
- Local drainage
- Antimicrobial
- Tissue regeneration


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