It stimulates cellular, molecular and tissue repair with a higher quality than normal physiological repair.

The machine is equipped with 10 programs you can use to control and speed up the repair of individual tissues.

Through the concept of cellular information, the programs take into account the fact that a site repair must reproduce all the tissue that comprises it, and it has to do so in sync and according to a specific hierarchy.

The C.M.F. System’s crowning point are the specific organ/tissue regeneration programs: unique in the panorama of electromedical equipment, they let you cut regeneration time by over 60%, with extreme tissue quality.

Specific programs for regeneration:

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- Tissue regeneration
- Bone regeneration
- Muscle regeneration
- CNS Nerve regeneration
- PNS Nerve regeneration
- Cartilage regeneration
- Tendon regeneration
- Skin regeneration
- Difficult wounds
- Osteonecrosis and BRONJ


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