The bone and soft tissue regeneration system that changes the landscape of dentistry through its revolutionary field-tested effects.

When dentists perform oral surgery, they must generally solve five major problems:

- Pain
- Edema, inflammation, and bacterial sepsis
- Any bruises that might form after surgery
- Heat or compression shock on the mandibular nerve
- Achieve osteoid-mucoid tissue repair for primary healing.

C.M.F. Dental was created to solve these problems, making the professional’s job safer and the clinical results more predictable, while improving patients’ post-surgery quality of life.
C.M.F. Dental is the only electromedical device there is, that can speed up repair processes, cutting the repair time by 60% on average compared to physiological timing, and yielding tissue quality that is clearly better than physiological repair.
If we also consider the opportunity to control pain, edema, inflammation, and infections using noninvasive means, to be used outside the mouth and without any side effects, we can see how the C.M.F. Dental System has been the next big thing in the odontology market in the past few years.
Effects of the Electromagnetic Field on the periodontal ligament.
The effects of the CMFs on the periodontal ligament are due to the greater intracellular concentration of Ca++ in the fibroblasts of the ligament itself, as a regenerative signaling molecule. And probably, to the gene expression of the alkaline phosphatase of which the ligament’s fibroblasts are the biggest producers, even in comparison to osteoblasts.
Effects on the large periodontal pockets.
We have shown major results on bone regeneration of large periodontal bone retractions treated with iliac crest grafts.
Effects on periapical tissue.
A tie must be established between the recovery of the periapical injuries and the increase in local immunity and the anti-inflammatory effect, as well as the osteoregenerative effect.
Major regenerative effects on bone tissue.
Many clinical trials show how the use of Complex Electromagnetic Fields work remarkably fast in tissue regeneration, whether they be soft or bone, even in critical conditions.

Machine programs:

  • This is the 1st item
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- Neurological
- Edemas
- Tissue regeneration
- Osteoregeneration
- Antibacterial 1
- Antibacterial 2
- Musculoskeletal
- Anti-inflammatory
- Contractures

Case history n.1 - Maxillary and mandibular Paget’s disease

(Images kindly provided by Dr. F. Crescentini - Dr. A. Cipollina)

Case history n.2 - Surgery on a large mandibular cyst

(Images kindly provided by Dr. F. Crescentini - Dr. A. Cipollina)


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