Un supporto fondamentale nella chirurgia ortopedica per l'abbattimento dei tempi di recupero post-intervento.

An aid in treatment, meant to solve most orthopedic diseases.
It is programmed for four fundamental functions:

- acceleration in repair of bone, muscle, cartilage, tendon, and nerve tissue.
- anti-edematous
- analgesic
- antibacterial and antifungal agent

Machine programs:

- Muscle regeneration
- Bone regeneration
- Nerve regeneration
- Cartilage regeneration
- Collagen regeneration
- Post-surgery and general pain
- Musculoskeletal pain
- Edemas
- Antibacterial 1
- Antibacterial 2
The antibacterial 1 and 2 programs can be a fundamental aid in antibiotic therapy to considerably cut the onset of post-surgery infection.

Case history - Pertrochanteric fracture, ununited for four years