Treat the pain efficiently, rapidly, and effectively.

C.M.F. Pain Therapy does not have side effects, it’s easy to use, and by using athermic waves it’s comfortable for the patient since it’s not invasive and it doesn’t interfere with prostheses or any casts. The advanced technology of this physical therapy allows for the treatment of a long list of aches and pains, whether muscular or joint or musculoskeletal, with the same effectiveness, and it’s the only equipment capable of treating pain with a clear psychogenic origin. You can administer it together with drug therapy, amplifying its results from a systemic standpoint. Immediate therapeutic effectiveness with pain reduction from 50 to 70% in the first 2/4 sessions (assessed on a VAS scale). Using the right machine programs in function of the diagnosis, you already reach the first significant reduction in the first 24 hours.

Machine programs

- Neuropathic pain
- Musculoskeletal pain
- Muscle pain
- Pain of psychosomatic origin
- Localized edemas
- Ununited fractures
- Bone regeneration
- Fibromyalgia
- Chronic arthritis
- Anti-inflammatory

Here are some of the ailments that can be treated:

- Neck pain
- Acute or chronic sciatic neuralgia
- Arm pain
- Fractures and pseudoarthrosis
- Muscle pain
- Acute or chronic myositis
- Temporomandibular joint pain
- Acute or chronic stage arthritis and arthrosis, metatarsalgia
- Tendinitis, sprains, and muscle tears
- Primary or secondary trigeminal neuralgia
- Sinusitis
- Morton’s neuroma
- Scapulo-humeral periarthritis
- Pain of neuro-myofascial origin
- Synovitis and carpal tunnel syndrome
- Pain in the hip joint


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